Long Bio

Giselle Stern Hernández is a Mexican-North American writer, performer and questioner. Her husband was deported from Chicago, IL back to Mexico in April of 2001. It was his second deportation – as a result, he was banned for life from entering the U.S. Giselle joined him in Mexico for ten years, from August of 2001 to January of 2011.

In January of 2011, Giselle returned to the States full-time, to the Bay Area of Northern California. The purpose of the separation was for Giselle to work in the U.S. and raise the funds to move forward with her husband’s case.

12 years and two months after his second deportation, justice was restored and her husband received his U.S. permanent residency, in June of 2013.

Yet justice isn’t always restored for the thousands of binational couples with complicated immigration situations, and the thousands more who don’t have a U.S. citizen partner.

And #postvisalife ain’t all unicorns and rainbows.

She performed her one-woman show, THE DEPORTEE’S WIFE in both the United States and Mexico. Her essay, “The Purpose of My Trip to Tijuana” was published in the collection, Living Together, Living Apart: Mixed-Status Families and US Immigration Policy (2015). 

Giselle, her husband and her two cats are now all living together in East Oakland, California, where she is presently working on a memoir about this experience.

The objective of this blog is to explore themes in the life of a formerly deported man’s wife through a multimedia and intersectional lens.