Up Against That Cool, Cool Glass


While the politicos twiddle their thumbs,
I want them to press their hands
Up against that cool, cool glass.

So smooth, that pane, so transparent.

I want them to pick up the phone receiver to speak.
What can be said right just then?
The speechwriters seem to have lost their pens.

The guard will only allow one minute.
The room so cold.
The glass so thick.
The chair you sit on so


2 thoughts on “Up Against That Cool, Cool Glass

  1. This picture is way too familiar. I would just like to add one more line….. “Watching your daughter cry while talking through the phone to her Daddy”…. This time last year I was driving down the road to the famous “Santa Rita Jail” where he was being held before being deported back to Mexico (for something he didn’t even do) to see my husband for Christmas when my 8 year old daughter looked at me and said “Mom, you can take back ALL of my Christmas presents to pay to get my daddy home for Christmas” I looked at her while the tears fell down my face (as they are right now, just writing this) and I told her that money wasn’t going to bring her daddy home.


    1. Patricia, good to hear from you-thank you very much for stopping by and sharing such a difficult part of your story. While the politicians dance around about immigration reform, they don’t want to understand how many people’s lives are affected, particularly those of children. I truly hope that one day justice is restored to your family’s situation. Wishing you and your family a peaceful New Year. Big Hug, Giselle


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