VIP Seating

A photo of me and the hubby in Mexico from around the time that I first started performing The Deportee’s Wife.

It’s still Tuesday in my part of the world-lol-so I wanted to make sure to get this in:

I’ll be presenting my first Bay Area Showcase of my one-woman show, The Deportee’s Wife on September 20th. 

Read more about the event here.

And while I love performing like I love my pretzel rods – lol – can I tell you what will be the most amazing thing for me that night? 

My husband Picasso will be in the audience for the very first time at one of my performances here in the U.S. 

That, my dear friends, means everything to me. Because there’s always a moment when I’m on stage in the States when my heart shatters. I’ll see a picture of myself and Picasso on the screen while I’m performing, or a picture of just him up there. And as happy as I am to be performing, I always mourn the fact that Picasso only can be with me through flat pictures. 

Part of my post-show ritual in the U.S. has always been to call my husband and thank him for allowing to tell part of his and our story. 

And now very soon, for the first time since I started performing this show over six years ago, I’ll be able to thank him in person post-show. 

Man, I’m tearing up just writing those words. And within my tears of joy is this fierce and relentless and never-ending wish:

May all of you with deported family members have your own version of being in the same audience with your loved ones on a crisp autumn night. 






14 thoughts on “VIP Seating

  1. I’m just catching up on these and what a wonderful thing to read. These are the types of things that cement that Picasso is really really really really going to be there. The reality has shifted for the oh so much better. I’m positively THRILLED for both of you and am beyond beyond beyond excited.


  2. I’m in love with this post. I’m a little sad I didn’t meet Picasso while you were in Juarez but feel so blessed that I got to meet you. I fantasize on the regular of Gordo seeing different aspects of my life in the US and could totally relate with this post. ❤ Wishing you both nothing but the best. Besos.


    1. My Lovely Emily,

      Thank you for stopping by! I feel blessed as well to have met you! And as you know, Mr. Picasso is just a whole lot shyer than me, and he was just so overwhelmed that day! I’m going to just fantasize along with you about Gordo seeing different aspects of your life and it will be a reality one day 🙂 It meas a lot to me that you get this post! ❤ Un abrazo fuerte!


  3. I’m so happy to hear this! I can’t wait to hear how powerful that performance is. One day I hope to see your show in person, querida. Also, that photo of you two cuties melts my heart.


  4. Giselle,

    I wish you could see the SMILE on my face. I actually teared up as I was reading this. I am SO happy for you. I know I have been on the down low the last few weeks, but its for good reason. My hubby is coming home too. The fight is finally over! He will be home within two weeks, and you know who will definitely be at your performance, WE will. Both of us. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Even though its taking everything I have to get him back here, I will scrape up the money to be there.

    We deserve this happiness. I don’t mean just you and I, I mean EVERYONE out there that is going this struggle. It may take some time and energy, but if you follow the right road, we will get to where we need to be. Have faith and never give up.

    Again, I am so excited for you! We will all have to get together for a welcome home dinner or something.



  5. Absolutely wonderful news love! I wish I could be there to see the show. I’ll be in the bay area mid October…would love to see you and catch up. Xo


  6. That is so awesome!! Nothing makes me happier than to read that post and see that picture of you guys! I can’t wait to hear how the deportee’s wife story continues… Miss you! Like you, I’m also happy to celebrate my husband’s immigration news but also saddened by the reality that millions of other wives will never be able to celebrate like I am.


    1. Hey Steph-yeah I hear you 100%. Within the happiness there’s the real and deep longing for all to be celebrate. I feel that our happiness will give us the strength to continue in the fight, because, as you know, la luche sigue. Love, Giselle


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