Never Thought I’d Write Those Words


I was hoping against hope that I wouldn’t have to write this post. Even this tough old bird held her breath. It is two weeks today.

I knew and understood that the actions of Marco Saavedra, Lulú Martínez, Lizbeth Mateo, Luis Leon, Cerefino Santiago, Maria Peniche, Adriana Gil Diaz, Claudia Amaro and Mario Felix risked their lives and their bodies. 

However, what I never thought I’d write about the DREAM 9?

People directly involved with DREAM 9 getting fired from their jobs or attempts to get them pushed out. Threats on their lives. Attempts to drag those same people’s names through the mud. 

And who has been at the forefront of these firings, threats, and mud dragging?

Neo-Nazis? No.

Minutemen at the border? No.

Congressman Steve King from Iowa? No.

Immigration lawyers. 

Yep, you read that correctly. Never thought I’d write those words.

Some – not all – but some of the very same people who are supposedly working within our community are promoting this violence and destruction around DREAM 9.

While Mr. Vulcan and myself always talk politics, social movements and history, we’ve been talking more lately about The Montgomery Bus Boycotts and the Greensboro Sit-Ins with relation to DREAM 9.

From the Montgomery Bus Boycott site:

…Unlike those earlier incidents, Rosa Parks’s courageous refusal to bow to an unfair law sparked a crucial chapter in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, the Montgomery Bus Boycott. ,”I didn’t get on the bus with the intention of being arrested,” she often said later. “I got on the bus with the intention of going home.”

From the Greensboro Sit-Ins site:

…At long last after decades of acceptance, four freshman students at North Carolina A&T went into Woolworth and at the lunch counter they “sat-in.” When told they would not be served, they refused to leave and this sparked a movement throughout the South. Black students in colleges throughout the South saw it on television they said “Hey man, look at what our brothers and sisters in Greensboro are doing. What’s wrong with us? Why don’t we go out and do the same thing?” And they went out, so it swept across the South like the proverbial wildfire, with students rejecting segregation. With their very bodies they obstructed the wheels of injustice.

I want every immigration lawyer who is firing people, threatening lives and conducting smear campaigns to think long and hard about where we’d be today as a country without the Montgomery Bus Boycotts and the Greensboro Sit-Ins.

And do us all a favor?

Get the fuck out of your profession.


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