Photo Credit: FWD.usThe above photo popped up in my Facebook feed last week. It was a paid ad.

The above photo came up in my Facebook feed last week. It’s a paid ad.

I stopped in my scrolling tracks when I saw it.

The person who designed and/or approved this idea, i.e., a fence in front of the White House while calling for immigration reform to pass. clearly has never been directly affected by immigration laws in the U.S.

Or if they have been affected, they’re looking to sensationalize their experience with this ad.

The photo is from the immigration reform group, FWD.us, who is, supposedly, “fighting for immigration reform.”

However the first FWD.us objective of the five that they list is to, 

Secure the Border
Provide law enforcement the tools necessary to secure the border.

Perhaps FWD.us, the brain child of Mark Zuckerberg, perhaps FWD.us used the above photo to represent their first principle to, “Secure the border.”

Feel free to check out the list of supporters on their website. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

When you read the names and bios, it’ll make sense to you why the fence is the focus in the above picture.

Priorities, people. Priorities.

The next time a paid ad from FWD.us comes up in my Facebook feed?

I’m going to hit the button to the right that says, “Report story or spam.”


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