When Father’s Day Feels Far Away

Photo: R.C.O.

Today I want to send appreciation and love to all of you who have a deported or detained father – either your own Dad, or a father to your children, whatever that definition of a father may look like for your family.

While I live with the loss of my husband’s physical presence on a daily basis, I do not have to face children asking, “Where’s Daddy?”

When I visit my husband in Mexico, I don’t have to think about airfare for anyone else besides myself. I don’t have to worry about a babysitter, or who will keep an eye out for my older children.

On the days when I think that I can’t handle living separately from my husband anymore, I don’t have to pick up the kids after school. I don’t have to do teacher meetings and help with homework, all the while putting on a brave face.

The only sick days that I deal with are my own.

And the list just goes on and on. Of this I am sure.

For those of you with a deported or detained father, I’m sure that the majority of you would do anything in your power to bring Dad back.

When your Dad is behind bullet proof glass, or a voice on the other end of a staticky phone call, or an image on a laptop screen, Father’s Day can feel like a million stick pins in your heart.

And the list goes on and on as well. Of that I am sure.

So today, as we enter into Father’s Day weekend, I want to recognize those of us in our community who hold it all together, even though Father’s Day may feel far away.

You are appreciated.



4 thoughts on “When Father’s Day Feels Far Away

  1. 😥 the last time I spent gave my dad a Father’s Day hug was 6yrs. Ago he was deported 4yrs ago back to Mexico that’s how long its been since I last saw him. I would have never let go of that hug


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