The Empty Chair On My Back

Photo: R.C.O.

There’s always an empty chair next to me at dinner parties here in the States.

No matter how much I may want to fill up the room with stories about my husband, there aren’t enough words in the world to bring him here in the flesh.

That can feel like a 2+2+me situation at a dinner table.

Separation of families, separation of families, separation of families.

Sometimes the stories behind the separation of families can be as small as me wishing for my husband’s arm to rest on the back of my chair at a dinner party here in the States.


4 thoughts on “The Empty Chair On My Back

  1. Sorry I have to comment again I just cried reading ur story I’ve held this pain for so long I try so hard to faintly remember his face his smell the dimples in his cheeks.the way he would say my name it feels as if he’d died, but this is worse he still out there and so far from my reach I’ve gone mad with out him, that I can’t just call him.up c how he his, drive by his place I can’t hes gone why can’t I let him go? How do I love someone so strongly after six years of no communication, i feel that hard lump in my throat and my eyes still well up after all this time, that I have his two kids who of one hes.only seen, an I think how he would just adore them, its gut wrenching, my heart hasn’t healed and I wish he’d cum bck I’m still where he left me 😥 I love u David where ever u may be I’m always waiting……….


  2. Ur story hits home, I’m sorry for what everyones goin through I too lost my first and only love and father of two children by being deported to Mexico, I had been with him since twelve and when I was preg with our daughter they took him away I was seventeen i didn’t kniw how to find him its been six years and not one day goes by that he don’t cross my mind, I lost him and had no way of ever contacting him, j wonder if he thinks about us, I try my best with my babes but because of this happening for the past six years of been a closet drug user I’m addicted to anything anything that will numb the pain I feel when he crosses my mind, I wish everyone the best its a nice feeln knowing I’m not thme only Juliet missing her Romeo 😥


    1. Jenni, thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you sharing just a little part of your story. I know how the pain can feel all consuming. But it is important that you not only continue to live, but to flourish. Right now, we win these battles by staying alive. Here is a link that may be able to help you deal with your drug use: Jenni, you are loved, and you are not alone. Big Hug, Giselle


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