Where Is My Husband’s Waiver Application?

Photo: R.C.O.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not know where my husband’s waiver application is.

I just got the news yesterday afternoon from our lawyer. She received official word from a representative at the field office that received our application.

We sent in a completed I-212 waiver application in September of last year. The field office sent our lawyer an official receipt of payment, cashed our check, and recorded the entrance of the application into their system. The entire application that we sent them was a large stack of papers, the kind that you need two arms to carry.

For those of you that don’t know, if my husband’s waiver is approved, then we can put in his permanent residency application and wait again. If the waiver’s denied, I’ll start the process to move back to Mexico to live full-time again with him.

A lot hangs in the balance for my husband and myself with this waiver application.

And USCIS does not know where my husband’s waiver application is.

A field office representative told our lawyer that they will request my husband’s A-File from the National Records Center of the USCIS. An A-File is formally called an Alien File-it contains all the records for each person that isn’t a US citizen, and has any kind of direct contact with US Immigration, be it detention, deportation, or otherwise. Each individual Alien File is identified through a set of numbers.

If the waiver application from last year is in my husband’s A-File, and there’s a decision, our lawyer will be informed within 30 days.

If the waiver application from last year is in my husband’s A-File, and there isn’t a decision, a decision will be made, and our lawyer will be informed within 30 days.

If the waiver application from last year is not in my husband’s A-File, our lawyer will be informed within 30 days. She will then have to send a new copy of the entire I-212 application to the local office. I don’t know what that will mean time-wise.

I got the news late yesterday afternoon while checking my email on my cell phone. I’m in Baltimore, visiting the Princesa Pagana and her husband.

I arrived a few days earlier to DC to attend the immigration rally for comprehensive immigration reform.

Both Princesa Pagana and her husband wrote letters for my husband’s waiver application. Princesa held my hand in the car as her husband drove. I could see his brown eyes through the rear view mirror, and they smoldered in pain and frustration.

The chant that has become the poster child for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is this:

Si se puede!

I’ve been wanting to replace that chant for a long time with this:

Wake the fuck up. 


14 thoughts on “Where Is My Husband’s Waiver Application?

  1. wow!…………it is a shame that they take our lives so lightly……I hope that the papers are approved but if not good luck in Mexico!……..


  2. I’m saddened to say that I’m not surprised. Eleven years in the system and they still haven’t figured out how to treat him in a fair and just manner. And it’s not like your HUGE STACK of papers got misfiled in somewhere. You would only need a dolly to haul it off to the “neglected” bin so it was a conscious effort. Sending all my good karma waves in your direction!

    Keep me/us posted as always.
    With all our love!


  3. I continue to be speechless. I continue to be appalled (shocked is too mild a word). This is so much worse than receiving a no. Limbo is worse than hell. Indignation. Outrage. Frustration. Anger. I cannot even begin to imagine all the emotions you are experiencing.

    To all of those that support the system, I echo your response: “F&*^%” the system. They feel it is ok to play with your and R’s lives? and who knows who else out there has found themselves in the same situation.

    I cannot believe this is the current state of affairs.

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform. When will anyone understand what this really mean?

    Remember we are here to rally or whatever is required.


  4. I cannot believe they cannot find his form. There are no words, I cannot imagine your frustration. Hugs to you and hope this is resolved/found quickly.


    1. Mickey,

      Thank you for posting. I do hope that this is resolved quickly as well. I want to send this blog post to everyone who says, “Why don’t you just use the system, do it the ‘right’ way?” Big hugs across the wires. Love, Giselle


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