If You See Something, Say Something


I am tired.

I tired of of hearing US citizens make excuses for this country, this country that acts like an abusive boyfriend.

How many black eyes will it take? How many broken bones? How many literal and figurative lives lost?

When are we going to stop shrugging our shoulders in resignation and start giving up our soft and warm comforters?

And for those of us who are supposedly doing the work-when did incremental change become fashionable for the majority? When did we start to hold imaginary tea parties with our incremental changes and smile at each other as we lift our pinkies to slurp our tea?

I am tired of incremental change.

I am tired of compromise, of crumbs.

I am tired of hearing US citizens make excuses for my abusive boyfriend, my abusive boyfriend who encompasses all of a nation.

“If you see something, say something.” 



4 thoughts on “If You See Something, Say Something

  1. Giselle,
    sorry to hear about your illness and that it has flared up again. I can tell you are in a hard place and I feel for you. I really enjoy your posts. You are so persceptive and proactive. i understand why you are so fed up. The immigration policy here is so disgusting and makes me so ashamed to be American- me da pena.


  2. In America, we have been conditioned to love our captors. Because of this we are unable to empathize fully with our fellow captives. I have no words for what you and your husband have gone through except to wish you both peace for whatever its worth.


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