Gissy vs Mercury In Retrograde. Hint: Mercury Wins

Air boxing

So I had big plans today to do a video post. Nothing elaborate, Gissy talking into the camera. I mean, easy enough, right?

Wrong. And here’s my list of what went wrong:

1. The neighbors across the street decided to invite some motorcycle friends over. Everyone sat in the front yard and gunned their motors. For a very long time.

2. They also decided to have some fun, and tease the neighbor’s dog through the fence, so the dog started barking crazily.

3. This caused the dogs in my house to bark forever and a day. I mean, God love ’em, but Lordy Loo.

4. I could not get my friend’s video camera to work. It just went wackadoo on me.

5. I finally cobbled some footage together by doing the video through my laptop.

6. When I tried to put that video footage together to make a movie, I kept getting messages that the files are corrupt.

So it is now six hours later, and I’ve got nothing. Mercury in retrograde, you win.

Kids, enjoy this Cat Gif page.

I’m gonna go and lay down until Mercury is out of retrograde this time around-lol. 


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