Still vs Stuck


I recently had an unexpected tarot card reading.

Some very positive themes popped out to say hello.

Makes sense. There are a lot of positives at the moment.

However, one theme that kept showing up over and over again in the cards was being stuck. An overwhelming feeling of treading water spoke out loud and clear on the table.

Also makes sense. There’s a lot on pause at the moment.

And yet today, I woke up knowing that I hold the antidote to the sensation of treading water:

The antidote is to lie on my back and float. The sun on my face, that peaceful stillness and quiet as the water lines the sides of my body.

To meet myself where I am right now. Not where I was 12 years ago. Not where I will be six months into the future. To keep floating in the present tense.

My good friends got me the plant in the picture above. A Sansevieria trifasciatica. Commonly known as a Snake Plant, or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue.

One of the qualities of this plant is that it releases oxygen at night, as opposed to how most plants release oxygen, i.e., during the day.

It flourishes at doing its own thing in real time. It sits still, but it is most definitely not stuck.

So today, I’m choosing to see myself and the little plant, floating along on our backs.

breathing in and breathing out.

the sun on our faces.

the water lining the sides of our bodies.


2 thoughts on “Still vs Stuck

  1. It means taking your current situation and putting it in a more positive light. And that is what life is all about. While we can’t change our circumstances in one day, we can accept that we’ve done as much as can be done at the moment, our bodies are still while waiting for the next step, and we are not stuck in this place like we have no will over our bodies, we will continue to push and move forward, but for the moment, we’ll enjoy the sun warming our bodies 🙂


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