Hello Kitty and Me


So, let’s walk through the facts, shall we? lol

1. I’m 43 years old.

2. R and I don’t have children.

3. I don’t live with any children here in Oakland.

4. Yes, the photo is of my bed here in Oakland.

Yesterday, me and two of my good friends who I live with went to some Swap Meets, i.e.,  flea markets/la pulga/el tianguis.

I confessed to them that I would like a Hello Kitty comforter. And so yesterday, I got the Hello Kitty plush blanket that is now on my bed.

I think that’s the moment when we all realized that I crossed over into the point of no return in the Hello Kitty universe.

All the stuff on the bed are things that I received as gifts from friends and R. The sweatshirt was part of my Hello Kitty costume this past Halloween. I wear the slippers, and use the headphones and coffee mug every day.

This Hello Kitty obsession snuck up on me slowly over these past two years. I mean, I love cats and all that. But Hello Kitty represents more than just my love of kitty cats. And its not like I wanted Hello Kitty things when I was a kid, and was denied them by my parents. Growing up, I didn’t have one single Hello Kitty item in my bedroom, because I simply just wasn’t interested.

Listen, the reality is that when R and I are living together full-time again, be it in Mexico or the United States, we won’t sleep with a Hello Kitty comforter on our bed. My Hello Kitty stuffed animal may have to live on a shelf, and not on my pillow.

In thinking about it this morning, Hello Kitty represents to me an alternative universe. Not a regression, per se, but a place where objects and situations are soft, cute, and completely predictable.

And Hello Kitty is expressionless the majority of the time. So you can’t tell when she cries.


4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty and Me

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    You can view and sign the petition here:


    Here’s some more information about this petition:

    Reform the waiver process and ease the extreme hardship requirement to allow families to stay together in the US.



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