Star Trek Transporter Dreams


So, I always keep a running list in my head of things I want to talk about on this blog.

But here’s what’s taking up a lot of my head space today, and is most definitely not on that list:

The landlords are coming tomorrow. 

R and I rent a small house in Mexico. The lease is up every February 1st. So the landlords come around this time, and we have formal lease renewal signing.

The landlords are two brothers, and one of them is a lawyer, so, as y’all can imagine, everything is carried out with some serious Mexican legal precision.

In the many years that we’ve been renting this house, I’ve only missed one signing. And now I’m about to miss another.

So when the landlords come tomorrow to their little house that R and I are renting in Mexico, I’ll be here in Oakland, on Skype.

R will FedEx me the documents, (there are many, including multiple copies of the lease) and I’ll sign them and FedEx them back.

Because this signing is done super-formally, we all have to sign every page of each copy of the lease, along with the other documents.

While we’ve never had any difficulties with the landlords, I know that me being there in person helps to smooth things along.

Race, class, and nationality coming to the table, along with our signatures.

I just finished a Star Trek: Voyager marathon with two close friends.

Up to this Voyager marathon, I’d never before watched a single, solitary episode of Star Trek. I know that kills some of you -lol- but that’s the truth.

I was fascinated by the transporter, the teleportation device.

How I wish, how I truly wish that I lived in the Star Trek universe at 3 pm tomorrow, Oakland time.


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Transporter Dreams

  1. You could also go with a TARDIS from Dr. Who. It fits in the size of a police call booth (good for small spaces) but would solve both space and time issues


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