Wireless Pillow Talk


R and I are in the rhythm right now of talking by phone and texting during the week, Skype chat on Sundays.

Yesterday, we had a good chat, less day-to-day and more dreams. As in any committed couple situation, the day-to-day talk is inevitably going to come up. But when you live in separate countries, sometimes the day-to-day talk can take up all the space. Which bill was paid, which bill has to be paid next, the leak in the kitchen…

The thing is, when you live together in the same country, the dream talk can just come up naturally, in an unscheduled manner.

Pillow talk on a lazy Sunday afternoon, after a nap. Or on a walk. Or in the car.

But when I’m not visiting R in Mexico, any dream talk right now is rather scheduled, because of the time difference and our routines.

Those Skype chats allow for me to see and hear R, but not to feel the heat of the afternoon sun radiating off of his skin.

The connection may be a wireless one, limitless in its bandwidth.

But it is sometimes in those Skype moments that I’m never more painfully aware of the physical miles between us.

So when the politicians throw around the phrase, “separation of families,” when talking about immigration, I wonder what they picture in their minds.

I picture the picture above.


2 thoughts on “Wireless Pillow Talk

    1. Hi S,

      Thanks for your comment. The sad reality is that I don’t think that anything that Congress does will have a direct affect on our specific situation. But in my deepest hope of hopes, I want what Congress does to positively affect all, if not almost all of the undocumented immigrants in the US. I see that you are telling your own powerful immigration story as well, and I’m glad that you are sharing a piece of your personal journey. I hope that you receive true justice soon. sincerely, TDW PS-I love how we both have the same wordpress template 🙂


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