Shots on Goal

Photo: mack2happy

So, I’m back from Mexico. My heart is blood red and cracked open like the center of a pomegranate.

And right before I left, there was a game between the Mexican soccer teams Santos and Morelia.

At minute 40 of the first half of the game, there was a shootout right outside of the soccer stadium. The real details? Partially lost. Partially hidden, as per usual. Some of the bullets from the automatic weapons hit inside. The stadium is called the Estadio Corona, owned by the beer company, and is in the city of Torreón, in the state of Coahuila.

Soccer is sacred in Mexico. A line has been crossed.

Watch the video. Watch the fear, anguish, rage, sadness in people’s faces as they run. As they hunker down in seats. Look into their eyes.

And think about where the majority of the guns used in that gunfight came from. 


6 thoughts on “Shots on Goal

  1. I'm sorry you are in pain. I wish the immigration madness would come to an end. The gun madness needs to end as well. I hope your heart mends (to the extent that it can)soon.


  2. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. To be honest I'm kinda surprised something like this hadn't happened already 😦 I pray I'm alive to see the end to the violence.


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