Steel Toe and Waterproof

I’m on a flight tonight to Mexico to visit R. Since I left Mexico in January, I’ve been back once, in April of this year. It was three days of visit plus two long days of travel. Not enough time to settle in.

However, now I’m going for two weeks. Some strong settling-in time:)

R needs a pair of workboots, for his job. I can get a good pair for cheaper here in the States.

I was in a Payless yesterday, scoping the options. There were pairs in black, brown, and tan. I called him up, and through the magic of technology, emailed him photos of the workboots, so that he could choose the color he wanted.

I had a giggly moment with myself, where I thought, “This is cool. I like that I can send him photos and I can get him exactly what he wants.”

But then it hit me: I don’t want to be emailing him photos of workboots. I just want him here.

And then I wanted to buy a pair of those workboots for myself. Steel toe and waterproof.

So that I can kick and cry as I please.


2 thoughts on “Steel Toe and Waterproof

  1. Hey Giselle! I am so glad you get a couple weeks to be with R in Mexico. Of course that isn't enough time, it's never enough time if there is a goodbye at the end. I want you to know I think of you often. Pablo and I have the fortune of being together in the US (not without many challenges of course). I wish you and R all the best. Know that you are touching so many people with your story.


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