Land of the Free, Home of the Ham Sandwich

Hey peeps. So there was an article this past weekend published in The New York Daily News that featured myself and two other wonderful bloggers.  Cue the hate mail in the comments section. The comment that I feature in this video is from that section. The hater’s final sentence was,
“A woman will fall in love with a ham sandwich.”
So I’m not going to, shall we say, deconstruct the sandwich. However many of the men and women who are in similar immigration situations decided to rise up. Through their blogs, and on facebook, they took up the challenge of writing 25 reasons why they love their ham sandwich:) You can check out some of their posts on my blogroll. Read them. Read them all.
I think that what my fellow bloggers/facebookers did/are doing is great. However, in my situation, I perform a show where my husband is a main feature, and I blog a lot about him. I know that a public list of 25 reasons would make him literally wince in pain. I’m grateful that he lets me speak out as much as I do publicly about his/my/our lives, and I want to respect his comfort levels.
And like all of us who are separated from our partners due to draconian and inane immigration laws, I miss him like the devil. I literally don’t think that I could do a list of 25 reasons today without losing it completely.
But I also want to play with my fellow bloggers! So, a little humor. Turn up your speakers:)
A big hug to all of you who also swim in the shark-infested waters.

6 thoughts on “Land of the Free, Home of the Ham Sandwich

  1. First time to the blog and really appreciate you putting your voice out there even though many comments you receive are not only negative but ill intended and unintelligent. Keep up the great work and we hope things turn around for you and all the other suffering a similar reality.


  2. Funny video! I'm with you on the 25 reasons list, my husband would be mortified and I think it would give away a little too much about me 😉 It was really good to see all the brave bloggers say their piece and take back their power (though I don't think it was ever really given up). And thanks to you TDW for bringing attention to everyone's posts.


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