When A Wedding Ring Isn’t Enough

Hey peeps.
A very big reason why I’m back in the States right now is due to R’s immigration situation. Because we’ve hit the 10-year point of R’s 20-year ban from the U.S., the game changes ever so slightly. R can realistically apply once again for permanent residency to the U.S. The outcome of that application is completely and totally up in the air, but he can apply nonetheless.
A document called the I-212 is a key part of this application process. Long story short, part of the reason why R needs the I-212 is to prove that he’s been in Mexico for the past 10 years.
We also have to show evidence of the fact that we’ve been married and together for the past 10 years.
This is where the wedding ring on my finger isn’t enough.
We have to provide a paper trail, documents that prove that we’ve been together.
And still, we have the “privilege” of filing an I-212 because we’re a straight couple, the only type of couple legally recognized by the US government.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services wants to see things like rent receipts, and bank statements. They provide a long, long list of what qualifies as, “proof.”
I could make a life-size origami elephant out of all of the documents that we will provide.
In an ideal world, I’d simply send U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services the photo that I posted here of my wedding ring, my hand in the shape of a fist.
And in terms of further backup evidence, I’d provide a plate of R’s cooking, a group photo of our four cats, and the crimson-colored velour miniskirt that I wore the night that we first met.

6 thoughts on “When A Wedding Ring Isn’t Enough

  1. such is the system, it stinks! I do pray however that you have that trail for both of your sakes.. you have been dealing with this system long enough now to know how to navigate it, Giselle.. Don't give up, keep your eyes on the prize and who knows, you might just get what you need:):)xo


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