The Dance Break of This Deportee’s Wife

So I now take a one-song dance break every hour during my freelance work.
Do a dance break with me, and laugh your ass off:)
The deeper the belly laugh, the stronger the activist!;-)


10 thoughts on “The Dance Break of This Deportee’s Wife

  1. @V-I HIGHLY recommend the dance breaks at work! @A-I could picture you, covering your eyes and laughing hysterically at the same time@@R-Let's be happy!:)The bigger picture is that I do feel that as activists, we need time-outs and laugh breaks. Things are tense right now, particularly in the immigration situtaion in the US. It's important to sometimes let it all hang out, and give the ol' head a good shake:) I also think that it is about showing more sides of ourselves as activists. Humor is a big piece of my life, and that doesn't always get expressed on this blog. That's going to start to change!;-) Saludos, TDW


  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I love ALL of it, but especially the bits where you crack yourself up. 🙂 I really needed that today, Gisi from the block! You are a GODDESS! I may have to start taking dance breaks at work.


  3. @ K- LOL! I should put a donation button here, right? Thanks for the good vibes:) @J – Yeah, I don't know so much about the dancing, but DAAAAMMMN, I had FUN!:) I miss you too sweetie!Un Abrazo Fuerte to both of you! Saludos, G


  4. Oh Giselle, I love this dance break!!! and DAAAAAMN you can dance!!! Secondly, I am thrilled that now every time I'm sitting around missing you (aka every day), I can watch this video and smile my freaking face off (and miss you EVEN MORE).


  5. OMG, you are truly my hero now! Where is that damn donate button when you need it?!? I still haven't figured out how to make one video yet and you're already busting out the dance moves, I love it!


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