I Told You So

Bloodlines and borders. What family members say and do not say. Feel free to add others that you’ve heard in the comments.


9 thoughts on “I Told You So

  1. I can't pass this one up. My two favoites are.."What does he have that someone here doesn't have?" I asked her if she really wanted me to answer that question. LOLAnd the big prize goes to a co-worker who told me he was "very concerned" about me moving to Mexico (I was under the impression he was concerned about my safety) and then proceeded to tell me if I would just lose some weight, my self esteem would be higher I wouldn't feel like I couldn't do any better than a poor Mexican. Moron.


  2. @J: I definitely feel that many of the lines that I put in the video can also apply to people in a variety of situations. I'm glad that you're fmaily got to see what a great guy your husband is. @Anon: OOOF! That one definitely hurt. Thanks to both of you for posting! Saludos, TDW


  3. My husband isn't deported, but when we were dating, I heard a lot of that. If my family hadn't seen what an awesome man he is, they'd still be saying stuff like that. 😦


  4. Since I cannot seem to make a relationship work in the real life, I have now have an imaginary husband. Everyone just lets me talk about how much I love him and that it means so much to me that my efforts pan out and we have a happy ending, but ("we all know he's not real")…shhh….so if we dont acknowledge, we arent involved.


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