Packing That Bag

He asked me if I could pack that bag for him.


6 thoughts on “Packing That Bag

  1. My husband and I have had to separate around 7 ?times now me right now with all the kids working in the US, him alone in Mex, alone being key. It is sad.On December 24th 2009 we flew from Mexico to the USA, me, 2 kids,1 toddler, and I nine months pregnant. We had to leave due to tourist visa expiration for which we have been living this way for years.To pack that bag, those bags,boy oh boy… pregnancy is emotional. Travelling as only adult with children nine months prego is like an ant carrying a f-n leaf up wall. Getting to our destination on Christmas without our father/husband, killer. Pushing out that 10lb baby with the image of my husband so clear in my mind as my happy place during the pain, bonding.During the packing that particular time was difficult. It wasnt our first baby that I had to fly into the USA 9 months pregnant to deliver on my own elsewhere (expiration of visa reasons). It was the comfort of my home within our relation our home of our 2 hearts as one that I was leaving that sucked so bad.On the internt that day while packing I started a Married to a Mexican conversation on the Parent connect. about my tears, this was my first connection with women like me.Giselle, I hate suitcases.


  2. Hi Planner. With the posts that are specifically about direct experiences with my husband's deportation, I'm trying to reach out to those of us like you and myself who'velived through it, as well as well as reach out to people who don't have any immigration issues directly touching thier life.A tricky balance! You're right – no one should ahve to go through that. Packing that night was such an ordeal. I appreciate that oyu understand what an ordeal it was! Thanks again for posting, G


  3. These posts of yours about your experience with your husband's deportation bring back strong memories of my husband's deportation. And it makes me sad 😦 No one should have to go through that.


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