My Country, ‘Tis of Lies

The song that I used to sing with all of my heart.
Dedicado a K y su familia.


10 thoughts on “My Country, ‘Tis of Lies

  1. Anonymous,I am one of those persons who you claim have ruined our country… a Mennonite from Kansas whose ancestors fought against slavery, worked to raise their children to be bilingual in Low German and English, made Kansas into the "bread basket" of the nation. I am out every day working in early education to bring up a new generation of American children to be responsible contributing citizens to our country and to have respect for the amazing diversity of humanity in our world. I raise two children on my own, because our country's laws do not recognize my husband's need to be present with his family, to become respectful and respectable young men. When I see them act in ways that bring shame and harm upon themselves, I rebuke them kindly but firmly, the same as we should do with our country when it fails to uphold its honor. If this is how I am ruining our country, then I hope that more people will "ruin" it with me and with The Deportee's Wife.


  2. Anonymous,As a US citizen, as someone born and raised in the US, I think that I have the right to critically analyze the direction that our country is taking. As a deported man's wife, I feel that it is also important to name how I used to believe in that patriotic song, and how it no longer rings true for me. If that makes you sick, then I suggest that you visit another blog that is more in line with your views.


  3. This is stunning, moving and beautiful aside from being TRUE! Much love to you! I have subscribed to your blog because I am married to a Mexican man who came here illegally nearly 30 years ago. I have been married for 23 years and the memories of when he was illegal are still fresh. Sending you all of my positive energy and love.


  4. Anonymous, if you truly took the time to read the extremely brief bio that says who I am, then you'd see that I'm a US citizen. As to the rest of your comment? I'm sinply going to ignore it right now, because I've had a long damn day. Saludos, TDW


  5. Giselle, I feel slighted that tonight is the first time in months that I have found moments to explore you, your context, insights, creativity, and brilliance. This blog spot is amazingly powerful. Each entry, that I have literally spent the last hour and a half indulging in, offers an incredible ethnographic journey through your days, thoughts and personal aesthetic. I love and miss you. The work you are doing is so important, and I'm so lucky to have reconnected with it tonight. Thank you. un abrazo fuerte,Megan


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