Tenuous Birthdays

Yesterday was my husband’s 37th birthday. We spent a quiet and subdued day together.

My deepest and sole birthday wish for him this year is that he meets his career dreams as a sommelier and as an artist.

For those of us in immigration situations, I think that one of the most painful aspects for the “privileged” citizen spouse is watching how a deportation/threat of deportation often steals our partner’s dreams, or warps them.

R started making these origami figures, as pictured above. The picture doesn’t do his work justice. He made the stands as well. A good friend made an extremely generous donation of paper, and R is folding and creating like his life depended on it.

Because it does.

Feliz Cumpleaños, mi lindo. Today the lump in my throat is a little smaller.My voice is a little stronger.

The fold within a fold within a fold of our hearts. 


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