Our Dandelion Fantasy Team

Hey Sunday Peeps.

Photo: Tina Phillips

So all the Colbert talk got me thinking. There’s a real vacuum in terms of a public figures coming out loud and proud in support of CIR, Comprehensive Immigration Reform. I feel that the lack of public figures is symptomatic to what’s going on in the country as a whole. I believe that there are public figures who can rock their privileges and platforms for the good of the CIR. I feel that just as with the general public, the very well-known peeps either don’t care, don’t agree and/or are afraid to make politically incorrect mistakes.

But no matter how you slice it, we’re not having much-needed and necessary dialogue. Moving past preaching to the choir or screeching at those who don’t agree. A public figure popping up and out could get things cracking.

You know how people create fantasy football teams and the like? Well, I’m taking my dandelion and making my top two wishes for the peeps that I’d like to see pick up the CIR banner in their own style and voice:

1. Cesar Millan, aka The Dog Whisperer. This New York Times article talks about how he was undocumented in the U.S. way back in the day. I know that animals, particularly dogs, are his passion and his gift. I really love his show and respect his work. I think that he could bring his  much-needed “calm yet assertive “energy to the public conversation, as well as open up the lines of communication for groups of people who are uncomfortable dialoging on this issue.

2. Oprah Winfrey. I know that there are some DREAM Act students that are already all over that idea and are working on it. What if she at the very least promoted We Are Americans as a last hurrah in the final season of her book club? I feel that she has the potential for being a great ally for CIR.

Who would you like to see? Let’s build a Dandelion Fantasy Soccer Team! ( or fútbol – wink to Anne B:)

So we need nine more players, i.e. public figures. Who would you put and why?

And this is not a test! I’m simply curious to see who’d be your dandelion wish:)


8 thoughts on “Our Dandelion Fantasy Team

  1. He may not appeal to the more Conservative elements, but could you imagine what a Michael Moore movie about immigration would do? He’s documentaries about capitalism, health care, war and labor issues have brought a lot of thoughtful dialogue to the table.


    1. B, that would be very cool! I’m wondering if he’s already been approached about that. I heard an interview where he was asked about doing a doc that focused on education issues in the U.S. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been asked about doing a doc on CIR. A doc from Moore would certainly get people talking! Saludos, G


  2. How about a prominent economist who supports liberalizing immigration? Among the best are Julian Simon and Lant Pritchett (whose book “Let Their People Come” is available for free download), but most economists support liberalizing migration.


  3. Juanes
    Steve Kerr
    Sec’y of Defense Bob Gates

    All people that have different kinds of perspectives on the issue and appeal to reason with different constituencies. All well-respected in different corners, and none would be dismissed as a hot-head or flaming liberal/conservative with a political career agenda. All will treat Latinos and the issue with respect.


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