CPR Instead of Fireworks

Hey kids.

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m half-Mexican. I identify to the world as Mexican-North American.  And apart from my heritage, Mexico is something totally tangible for me now – I sit at Mexico’s proverbial table every day of my life.

Mexico’s bicentennial independence celebrations have started. At some point tonight, the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, will do the grito from the zocalo in Mexico City.The grito will happen very soon here in our city’s zocalo as well.

Peeps, I want to get caught up in the celebrations. I honestly do. But I can’t.

I’ve got a horrible duality going on: I’m proud to be half-Mexican. This country is where two of my grandparents are buried and that means something to me now in a way that I didn’t really care about growing up in the States. This country’s blood pulses through me.

But also I feel that Mexico is a painful place to live in/live through right now. An unsafe place, economically, physically and psychologically.

10:15pm and I’ve heard none of the usual pre-grito sounds in the streets here at all today: People playing plastic horns, the cheers, the shouts of Viva México! Around here, it’s deathly quiet. And we live in the tourist area.The government and media can say whatever damn silliness they want. People here in this city are afraid.

I want Mexico to get up on its own feet and walk. I truly do – more than I care to admit. But what I don’t want to keep hearing is how Mexico needs to celebrate today, in the face of great difficulty. That Mexico needs to put it all aside and unite. For me, there’s just too much water under the bridge. R feels the same way as well.

So I won’t be saying ¡Viva Mexico! any time soon. But I will say, “Que se recupere México.”

May Mexico be revived. Sweet Jesus, may Mexico be revived soon.


4 thoughts on “CPR Instead of Fireworks

  1. I’ve been following your blog because I’m interested in immigration issues and like the way you write. Can you point me to some places to read up about what’s going in Mexico right now? TIA!


  2. After emailing with our lawyer today (I hate lawyers.), I was thinking, it has been a year since Pedro was detained, we should just give up and move to Mexico. I loved Mexico when I lived there in 1998 but it sounds like it is different Mexico now. I am tired of fighting but your blog gave me some energy to keep trying to fight. There are just days when I feel like the immigration system here is so unjust, I just don’t want to be here anymore. But maybe I don’t want to be in Mexico either. All this pain has just made me tired. I hope Mexico does heal somehow. I also hope there is comprehensive immigration reform in the US soon. Much love, E


    1. Hey E, thanks for your comments. I do hope that Mexico heals as well. And I do hope for CIR in the US to come soon. I don’t mean to be a downer with what I write about Mexico. But the fact is that people like you and I and Logan get caught in the gears of what’s happening in both countries. What does it mean when our partners can’t live freely in the States, but then life in Mexico also isn’t free? I have 2 military soldiers parked in front of my house this morning and gov’t helicopters flying incessantly overhead. I’m angry this morning. I made the decision to come and live with my husband in Mexico. This decision did not involve living with the hard-core presence of the Mexican military.
      Much love right back at ya, TDW


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