Hello peeps. I’m ba-ack! I’ll be posting on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule from here on in. We’ll see how it goes!

These past few days I didn’t have my laptop. But I was thinking about music; a good friend of mine has the most insane and eclectic music collection that I’ve ever heard (or seen! )

In my previous Landslide post, I got requests from people to talk about music that I love.

So here’s a top ten list (in no particular order) of music that makes me give a damn about life:

1. Tori Amos – The Little Earthquakes album. Every song.

2. Arthur Rubinstien playing anything by Frederic Chopin. Oof. Something that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I initially started college as a music major. The plan was to be a concert pianist. That plan got derailed for a whole bunch of reasons. But man, in an alternative universe, I’d love to hear Arthur Rubinstein play live. And I’d be one lucky woman!

3. Karita Mattila: Her recording of Sibelius songs on Ondine. Touchstone for me. It always reminds me of a terrible previous job, but an amazing voice nonetheless!

4. Roxy Music -“Avalon.” Memories

5. Banda Sinaloense – “El Mechon.” This song makes me smile and laugh every time.

6. El Tri – “Parece Fácil.” A very good marriage guide! lol

7. Los Angeles Azules – “Suelta el Liston de Tu Pelo.” One of the first songs that I learned to sing in Spanish.

8. Underworld – Any album. R and I’s first date was their concert. I had no idea who they were at that time! lol

9. Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, The Police,  Early Depeche Mode: My rock and alternative music formation.

10. 80’s music. My husband cringes! lol But I loved and love it all 100%!

What about you?


8 thoughts on “Music=Breathing

  1. I absolutely love Tori Amos and Little Eathquakes was by far the most amazing album!!! I also have always loved Ani DiFranco.
    As far as Spanish music goes, I love Manu Chao, early Shakira (none of her English stuff!), Buena Vista Social Club, and some Mana.
    I also really love the 80’s music! It always makes me smile! 🙂


  2. And here I was thinking that I’d need to send a little money your way in order to see a blog post again! I’ll have to think on this list of top ten favorite songs and post in tomorrow’s blog. Which is something that I’ve been lacking in myself, lol.


  3. 1) LOVE SANTANA- The song “Europa” this song I want to play at my funeral. It absolutely is the prettiest song in the world to me.2) Brett Dennen the song Crazy so soulful 3) Seal any Seal 4) Ricky Martin the song I AM 5) India Arie anything 6) Love 80s rock Scorpions, Def leppard , Motley Cru 7) Marco Antonio Solis 8) Pepe Aguliar the song Miedo just touches me 9) Gorillaz the song Dare 10) Karsh Kale totally inspirational OH and Alelle pavements what a beautiful song also Soldigers of Ja Army AMAZING!!!!


  4. I hear you about the 80s music, I love it and still know all the words to the songs I grew up with! I am still stuck on Bruce, Van Morrison and Lyle Lovett. But you HAVE to check out on youtube the most awesome song by Nils Lofgren (Bruce’s guitarist) called Valentine.. he is by far the most talented player and sognwriter.. I am a huge fan of his. I will always like Stevie Nicks:)


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