The Furor Over Mexico’s Flag

Happy Friday peeps.

So there’s been a lot of talk about the cartoon created by Daryl Cagle.

As a teacher in many schools here in Mexico, I’ve witnessed my fair share of flag ceremonies.

For those of you that don’t know, a flag ceremony is held here usually every Monday in all schools from pre-k through junior high. High school students generally only participate in the flag ceremonies when there’s a special event.  You can see a short video that gives you a taste of the ceremony here.

Mexico does have a law that prohibits the use of its flag in any type of parody.

So now there’s an uproar.

Is Cagle appropriating an image that he has no right to touch? Perhaps.

Are more people in Mexico and the U.S. reacting to that cartoon than the recent deaths of the 72 migrants? Perhaps.

You know, I think that Cagle’s cartoon hit a nerve because there’s some truth in it.

I also feel that Cagle’s cartoon hit a nerve because there’s some truth missing:

I think that Cagle should have shown Uncle Sam shooting the bullets at the eagle.

Because really, kids – that’s the literal and figurative origin of those bullets.

And you know what? When I was a teacher, I was at literally hundreds of flag ceremonies.

At every one of them – all of them at elite private schools – I had to constantly  stop students from talking. I had to get them to stand up straight. To salute the flag. To throw out their gum. To take their hands out of their pockets.  To not make hand signals to their friends in other grades. To not play with their cell phones.

To not laugh their way through the singing of the Mexican national anthem.

The age didn’t matter – every Monday the usual suspects would start their routine.

I found that behavior to be way more offensive than Cagle’s cartoon. Still do.

So all of you righteous protesters (particularly the ones living in the U.S.) who want Cagle to take down the cartoon?

I invite you to check out a flag ceremony at one of the private schools that I worked at here in Mexico.

And I also invite you to think about why Uncle Sam is shooting the bullets.


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