My New BFF, President Felipe Calderón

Hey peeps.

So for the past two days, my caller ID shows the number zero when a certain caller is on the line. A literal zero comes up. Nothing else.

Can you guess who it is?

Yep, it’s my new best friend: The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón. And he just can’t wait to tell me the hot gossip.

Two days ago, he himself left a message about how our highways are becoming more modernized. And how the progress promised by this presidency continues. He was introduced by a perky woman, who almost could not contain herself with excitement.

How I wish that I was kidding.

He left that message two days ago. While the 72 dead migrants are still fresh on people’s minds.

He left that message two days ago. When recent floods in Yautepec, here in the state of Morelos, has devastated families. You can see a picture of the devastation here.

The people of Yautepec do not need to hear about highways right now.

And the dead migrants needed a kind of progress that we may never see here in Mexico.

Yesterday, the same perky woman left a message talking about the upcoming celebrations in Morelos for Mexico’s Independence Day. She left the message on behalf of my new BFF.

She did not say anything about the fact that Ciudad Juárez canceled it’s upcoming celebrations due to increasing violence.

There are so many levels of wrong with these calls, including Carlos Slim’s and Telmex’s collusion.

So, I’m just going to let the answering machine pick up.

I mean, really – these days, who else but a machine can honestly believe in the progress of this presidency?


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