72 Names

Hey kids. Let’s go straight to the point today:

I’m deeply haunted by the 72 bodies.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read here.

The victims were from El Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras and Brazil.

They had names. Families. Loves. Lives.

The image of their piled-up bodies is flashed up on the TV screen constantly here in Mexico.

Some of the bodies look like they are in the yoga position Child’s Pose.

But this is so very far, so truly far away from child’s play.

Mexico’s politicians come out all swagger and puffy-chested around SB1070. Thumping on desks and fiddling with expensive ties as they speak righteously into the microphones.

Of course. It is so much easier to appear fierce when it’s not your backyard.

The accountability and responsibility gets washed away in the rainstorms, leaving no trace.

No trace at all.


8 thoughts on “72 Names

  1. This is so sad and scary. At the same time the gov of Mexico has only started taking on all this organized crime over the last 4 or 5 years. It is going to take a lot longer than that to stop something that has been going on for decades. I have to have hope that there will be an end and that Mexico has a brighter future.


  2. I was also freaked out and really upset that they killed the lead investigator and a policeman working with him the following day.


    1. Hey N, I feel that it is such a tough time right now. Mexico really needs to clean up on it’s end. But when, right? Yeah, and the killing of the investigator and others was very decimating as well. TDW


  3. I’m pretty sure you’re the one that broke that news to me because I mentioned the “Wetback” film to you. I did try to see coverage on Televisa-I didn’t see the bodies but I saw the one survivor who walked 22 kilometers with a bullet wound in his neck. I am haunted-they came from so far away- all with dreams and hopes and sacrificed so much.
    They were killed one by one -how horrifying is that? What kind of people are they that could carry out such a massive execution? There is no US equivalent. The only mass murder I can think of -which was actually technically a suicide Guayana/ Jim Jones.
    Mexico is very hypocritical- the immigration officers routinely rape, rob and torture those entering from the south. Now we read 1,600 kidnappings of Central Americans a MONTH!!!!! I can’t believe there is nothing they can do to at least severely reduce that number.


  4. Bad immigration policies on both sides of the border…first the immigrants have to pay an outrageous fee to go to the states , then they are extorted , beaten and killed….if they do make it to the otherside they get a miserable lowpaying job and insults and often deported. Is there no end to this madness??


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