DREAM Now Letters and News with Nezua

Hey peeps.

Here are two important links to check out  and support today:

The DREAM Now Letters to President Barack Obama. Here’s the statement from Citizen Orange:

For those of you that haven’t been following the DREAM Act closely, we’re currently in a fight for our lives to get the legislation passed. We have about a two month window to get it enacted and we’re pulling out all the stops. The fact that we’re doing so is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that undocumented youth have taken to getting themselves arrested in the offices of legislators, risking deportation. Despite these dramatic steps there’s still far too many people that don’t know what the DREAM Act is or have yet to hear from undocumented youth. That’s why I’ve helped start a social media campaign called the DREAM Now Letters to Barack Obama, where undocumented youth write letters to Barack Obama in an effort to raise awareness about the DREAM Act.

News with Nezua is the other.

At the end of this week’s video, Nezua asks his viewers for their financial support.

Nezua’s voice is challenging, on point, and in my opinion, must continue. Scroll down to the tamale image, where it says, “Help Support UMX!”

Please support them as much as you can and spread the word.



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