Whistling Dixie in July

Hello kids.

The expression “too little too late” is banging around my head this morning.

It comes up when I think about President Obama’s speech last week on immigration combined with the US Justice Department suing Arizona over SB1070.

There’s this big and obvious push to make it look like Obama and the US government finally woke up.

But I truly believe that it is all about a focused and concentrated political strategy for the upcoming November elections.

Once again, undocumented immigrants and their families aren’t at the center of this issue.

As I’ve stated previously, Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) passing this year is about as likely as one of my cats standing on two legs and belting out a Lady Gaga song.

So why all of the sudden intensity?

Kids, it feels to me like an ex trying to win us back.

You know how it is. Once you’ve made the decision to walk away, the other person wakes up.

But it’s too little too late.

President Obama, you know that ring of hope that you placed on my finger on Election Night in 2008?

I just pawned it for some much-needed cash.


9 thoughts on “Whistling Dixie in July

  1. Hey DW… We have many things un common, & it pains me to see so many involuntary exiles in Mexico. I’ve been here 40 years now, my wife´s Mexican, although she could cross the border my grandchildren can’t. So I{d rather be with my family through thick & Thin than to be seperated from them and its been a struggle to figure out haw to survive…I went through English teaching and I know what you mean…it’s really not my gig. Many of my jobs in Mexico were jobs called “Can an American get away with this”. Lots of times I was a “Dry back”…but a person has to be an entrepreneur, very flexible, and be willing to bite the bullet when necessary.
    I{m sure you know what I mean.
    Your right… Democrats…Republicans…Politicians are out to help themselves…they dont give a damn about us, so remember, If you’re a newcomer, recently exiled,your all alone out here, use your wits , don’t panic, and after awhile as you look across that fence from this side, you’ll start thinking… “Damn, I’m glad I’m not a part of that mess !!!”


    1. Hey Mystic, thanks for your comments. Yeah, it totally is about being flexible and sometimes biting the bullet-I’m in that right now! Gracias again for sharing about your family. I know that you get it. Saludos, TDW


  2. EXACTLY!!!
    Once you’ve made the decision to leave the other person wakes up. I gave up on Obama quite a few months ago. Nothing short of an all out amnesty will bring me back. (as if) don’t know what I’ll do come Election day peace and freedom, green, heck I might vote commie that’s what the Minutemen call me why not.


  3. Good entry. I also agree. I don’t think anything immigration related will be happening any time soon, aside from the usual raids and states trying to make it harder for undocumented immigrants to live here. Like me!

    Any who, good blog!


  4. Yeah, if you ask me, this is President Obama’s problem on everything: too little, too late. And usually only when he starts to lose his base.

    I admit it. I voted for a third party person as I have done since 1996. I’m just not convinced the Democrats care about anything other than staying in power. And going back to another of your blog entries: I hope they DO read this one. 😉


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