President Barack Obama and Javier Aguirre’s Echo Chamber

Hey kids.

So Javier Aguirre, the head coach of Mexico’s national soccer team is holding a press conference today. He’ll supposedly be addressing the team’s dismal performance at the World Cup and his next steps. He already previously stated that he won’t continue to coach the Mexican team, or even stay in Mexico.

Mexico’s soccer team hasn’t gone past the second round of World Cup games for the past four World Cups.

16 years.

That track record isn’t due to a lack of talent. It’s all about backroom politics.

When it comes to Mexico, the best players aren’t all called for the World Cup. It’s another classic Mexican game called Who You Know.

President Barack Obama is supposed to give a speech tomorrow about immigration.

Kids, let me remind all of you that at the very least, President Obama could stop the deportation of undocumented youth today with an executive order.

As explained in a Colorlines article by Daisy Hernandez,

“After Latino Democratic lawmakers confirmed that comprehensive immigration reform won’t happen this year, Obama convened a meeting yesterday with community leaders to strategize on how they might push for such legislation. Why push for something that can’t happen? To make Republicans look like the bad guys come November elections.”

And voila! Backroom politics, part 2.

Otherwise known as not making it past the second round in 16 years.

So here’s the thing peeps: I have the sneaking suspicion that what Aguirre has to say today and what President Obama has to say tomorrow will sadly echo each other.

And that in both situations, we’ll have to wait a minimum of another four years for some kind of justice.


5 thoughts on “President Barack Obama and Javier Aguirre’s Echo Chamber

  1. I am thoroughly inclined to agree with you about immigration reform not happening anytime soon, but as a person living in Arizona, I can tell you that things are going to go really bad soon. Everyone here is moving to another state due to SB 1070 and those states will soon pass their own immigration laws. Then we will be a fractured nation with 50 different immigration laws. And don’t even get me started on Russel Pearce’s idea to prevent children born in the US from citizenship and Barry Wong’s idea to keep immigrants from buying utility services. Obama has to move now or leave it to the next person in office which would be disastrous.


    1. TLJ, thanks for your comment. Arizona is ground zero and the U.S. is at a dangerous crossroads from which there is no turning back. I’m fearful truly and deeply fearful that Pres. Obama and the U.S. government will not take any action at all. The stalemate will further the pattern of U.S. states taking things into their own hands. I hope and pray that I live to eat my words.


  2. Great analysis, Giselle. The real reason for tomorrow’s address is throw a bone to the Hispanic electorate. The speech will not be carried on the major networks, and Obummer wants it that way. He doesn’t want to create to much of a stir on this issue to take away moderates’ support for Democratic congressional candidates, but at the same time, wants Latino support for the same candidates. He wants to have his cake and eat it too! There will be no big investment of politic capital into this. By offering lip service, he hopes to achieve this. But actions show something totally different. Another 43 arrested in a Fullerton, CA raid by ICE this week. And these were workers, not criminals. Actions speak a hell of a lot louder than tired rhetoric.


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