When Dialogue is Pointless

What’s up peeps. Feliz Friday.

So you can’t make all of the people happy all of the time.

Lordy loo, ain’t that the truth!

Let’s just have some fun today, shall we? Here are some perceptions about who I am, based solely on what people see in my show or even before my show, based on things as small as a poster. These have either been said to my face or told to someone else that I know.

1. I’m a classic Brooklyn Jew and all I care about is money.

2. I’m an angry Latina with a big bone to pick.

3. I’m a white girl and I’ve got nothing to teach the Latin@ community about immigration.

4. My show is an academic exercise and is solely intellectual.

5. My show is too emotional and over-the-top.

6. I use the show to push my Marxist agenda.

Whatever. I know that by standing onstage I’m inviting a whole load of other people’s baggage.

That’s life. That’s art.

But R isn’t onstage. He has final say in the script/visuals/sound. However, he’s not up there.

So attack me personally all you want.

But don’t touch R on a personal level.

Not because he’s perfect or that he’s beyond reproach. Not at all.

Honestly, if I have to explain the why about that to you, then you’re not going to get it anyway.

Big. Damn. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “When Dialogue is Pointless

  1. Oh, I loved the term, “other peoples baggage”. You are in fact carrying extra baggage. Not everyone stands up, speaks up and/or does something about the immigration situation. Thank you for carrying the baggage. I work at a law firm as a paralegal and BOY O BOY do I see the baggage families carry. In a way we all carry that baggage.

    Cheers and animo mujer for carrying the extra baggage!



  2. “Other people’s baggage.” Wow! For some reason that phrase resonates with me today. I think that whenever we engage in dialogue with other people about our immigration experiences we are always inviting a load of “other people’s baggage.” There’s really no way of knowing what viewpoints, prejudices and experiences are going to confront us. I suppose that is where the fear resides when we begin to initiate that dialogue.

    But initiate we must. Let’s face it–some people will “get it”, some people won’t–and some people may “get it” years down the line. We must always nurture the hope that our words and actions will change someone’s mind sometime down the line.

    Oh, and as an aside–I just may steal the phrase “other people’s baggage” for a blog post of my own! I will, of course, cite the original source!


    In solidarity,



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