Hopelessness During Hard Times

Hello mis blog peeps.

You know, the World Cup is a lovely distraction. And I’ve been drilling into freelance work like nobody’s business. Head in the sand and all that.

But I’m overwhelmed by all of the bad and terrible news when it comes to US immigration. Right now, I’m in the moment where I can only take it in thimble-sized doses.

It happens. I get overloaded.

The funeral dirge that is the immigration situation in the US marches on, whether I click on the latest link or not.

And I learn of more and more blogs/news by and about US spouses who live and breathe my situation. US spouses  who try to do everything immigration-wise by the letter, and still have to choose between living without their partner in the US, or living with their spouse in another country.

And most of our spouses don’t get deported back to a “first-world” nation.

While on the one hand I now have a community that means the world to me, I’m also destroyed by the fact that there are so many of us out there. Our numbers grow every day.

You know the birds that are swamped with BP’s oil, like this one?

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert/May 9

That’s how I feel like right now. No matter how we US spouses fight against that literal and figurative border wall, we still get swept up in the slick.

There’s a real and deep connection between the amount of oil that continues to gush in the Gulf of Mexico, and the amount of time that comprehensive immigration reform continues to go unresolved in the United States.

These feelings of hopelessness around a realistic resolution to comprehensive immigration reform in the US weigh heavily on me.

Thick and sludge-like oil on my immigration activist wings.


12 thoughts on “Hopelessness During Hard Times

  1. You have captured my feelings perfectly! I was just thinking today– (after shedding many tears) and after connecting with two other U.S. citizen women dealing with the deportation of their husbands, how utterly tragic this situation is. As you stated, it is nice to have a community but– Oh God..when is this going to end?? I am not ashamed to say I am very sad today.

    As far as what Wendy said, it is obvious she has no empathy or understanding of what we have gone through..or what we continue to experience. Although I am sad that she lacks this capacity–I will pray and be thankful if she never has to experience this kind of loss of a loved one or the loss of a homeland. No one should have to endure this kind of pain.

    Love and light is being sent your way Giselle.

    In solidarity,


  2. No offense intended but I just wonder how your poor husband feels. I mean how many times has he heard what you have given up to be with him, what you are doing without and what you are missing. Oh, and now you feel like a bird covered in oil…

    It’s like some ongoing suffering Greek Tragedy. I feel sorry for hum. I’d become a “wine taster” too. lol


    1. Wendy,

      1. Obviously you have no idea what is involved in studying to be a sommelier, i.e. an expert wine taster.
      2. I don’t complain to my husband about what I’ve given up to be with him. I never ever throw in his face what I do without or what I’m missing. My husband is a human being, not a dart board.

      “No offense,” but what you wrote was extremely offensive.


      1. I wonder what country Wendy was born in and how much fun she thinks it would be to be banished from your own country to be with the man you love.


  3. I am sending positive thoughts your way. It might not be much, but hopefully it helps you remember that other people care. 🙂


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