When A World Cup Is As Intimate As Two People Sitting On A Sofa

So four years ago at this time, my husband was in Canada. He went to work for a few months. We did not watch the World Cup together.

In 2002, I was still reeling from R’s deportation, and the World Cup is a bit of a blur, with Mexico’s loss to the US creating a killer silence and sadness.

Canada is a thorn in our side, because while R entered Canada and had a great time in 2006, he was not allowed to enter in 2007, dashing a lot of dreams to hell. That’s for another post.

Nevertheless, in 2006, the World Cup arrived and R was in Canada. I was here in Mexico.

For the record, my husband is probably one of the top ten futbol fans on earth:) He is a hard-core soccer fan to the bone.

The world may end in 2012, but if the global futbol games continue to be broadcast on TV, then he’ll be cool!:)

So in 2006, I watched the Mexico games with a colleague from work. Great guy. Enjoys soccer.

But I missed R a lot. I probably missed R the most in those moments.

I get crazy sometimes with the fact that R watches a ridiculous amount of soccer games. And of course, after the games, he has to watch all of the analysis shows.

Yet when R was in Canada, sometimes I turned on those same shows as background sound comfort. I really missed him.

So fast forward to today, the opening game of the 2010 World Cup. South Africa vs. Mexico.

R may be a cool cat by nature – but he was up at 6am today.

He said that he couldn’t sleep.

I say that he was super-excited about the start of the World Cup and Mexico’s game.

R is a tough guy to watch a futbol game with. When the game means something to him, like today’s game, he’s really quiet. Jumps up every once in a while, and may let out a little roar.

He’s usually a balanced guy. But when it comes to a futbol game that he cares about, it ain’t no tailgate party situation for him, y’all dig?

You watch a soccer game with R and you’re a Chatty Kathy if you say more than five sentences over the course of the game. Good luck in getting him to answer you.

And yet, I was so happy to be next to his quiet and intense self on the sofa today, sweating out every one of Mexico’s moves.

Mexico tied today with South Africa, and that sucked, because Mexico had so many opportunities to score.

But I had my soccer-crazed and possessed hubby by my side. And I’m grateful.


4 thoughts on “When A World Cup Is As Intimate As Two People Sitting On A Sofa

  1. I’ve been thinking along these same lines in my own life lately. You’ve got to thank the universe every day to be so blessed. And even in the trying times remember there’s on one else you’d rather have next to you, with or without silence.


  2. “But I had my soccer-crazed and possessed hubby by my side. And I’m grateful.” LOL!

    My wife would probably write, “But I had my politics-crazed and possessed hubby by my side.”

    We all have our passions, but it makes life so interesting!

    Let’s hope Mexico does well, and at a minimum, make the second round.


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