Governor Jan Brewer and I are Both Women

So in case there’s any doubt, I’m 100% against SB1070.

But today I want to talk about Gov. Jan Brewer.

Once she signed SB1070 into law, a trend popped up and raised its ugly head.

I’ve seen Brewer called everything online from a “white-ass bitch” to a “fucking cunt.” Obviously not my words, but the words of others who claim to be pro-immigration activists.

And if I had a dollar for every comment ridiculing her looks, about Brewer’s physical self? Well, then I’d be a happy millionaire living in Mexico by now.

As a feminist and an immigration activist, I find this trend disturbing. Here’s my question for the day:

How is making fun of Gov. Jan Brewer’s physical self, or tearing into her womaness any different from her saying that SB1070 doesn’t involve racial profiling?

Why are some of us in the pro-immigration reform movement resorting to this?

Do some of you feel that it’s OK to deride a woman’s looks/womaness/etc, simply because you don’t agree?

How is this helping our cause?

When I see the misogynistic garbage flying about Gov. Jan Brewer, I get heated.

You simply don’t have the right to blow an anti-woman gasket because you’re pro-immigration reform.

I expect better from you. I demand better from you.

I’m not only an ardent pro-immigration activist. I’m also a woman.

And one part of me never gets ridiculed for the benefit of the other.


12 thoughts on “Governor Jan Brewer and I are Both Women

  1. Well said, G. I see this a lot in the animal-rights movement, as well. Gendered insults are never acceptable–calling someone a “fur hag,” (hello, PETA!) for example, is sexist and misogynist and does nothing to advance the cause. We don’t have the luxury of ignoring interconnected oppressions, and they are everywhere. I expect my feminist sisters to advocate for the rights of non-human females (because when you get down to it, we’re often treated like they are), and my animal-rights peeps to give a damn about human animals as well.


  2. [I expect better from you. I demand better from you.]

    So do I. I’ve noticed this too, and though I think Sarah Palin is truly moronic, I still wouldn’t use words like c*nt and b*tch to describe her. I almost never hear people resort to making fun of a man’s looks or using curse words to describe him when they disagree with him. It’s kind of telling, in my opinion.


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