African Voices, Mis Raices, and My Husband

Hey Peeps.

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So this morning I watched the CNN show African Voices. They interviewed Chef Marcus Samuelsson. He was born in Ethiopia, and raised in Sweden. His wife, the model Maya Haile, was born in Ethiopia, and raised in Holland. They met in Harlem, New York.

Great interview. I was most touched by how Samuelsson talked about Haile. You can get a sample-size taste of his feelings  here.

It really resonated with me, this idea that Haile brings  Samuelsson so much closer to Ethiopia.

I feel that way with R and Mexico. While I wasn’t born here, R helps me to understand my Mexican roots. (My mother is Mexican.)

I came to Mexico under extremely painful circumstances. But I appreciate my Mexican roots on a much deeper level now. R is my main cultural translator, even after nine years of living here.

There’s a quiet pride that I feel in getting my head around Mexico and mis raices. That pride is directly connected to a lot of R’s assistance and patience.

Listen, may you all have a cultural translator like R.

How else to understand Mexico, this country where the surreal, the spiritual and the corrupt sit together up by the bar and do shots that have been blessed by a priest?

Enjoy your weekend:)


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