The Silver Springs Second Grader Who Made Me Cry

Hey Kids. Happy Thursday.

So President Calderón gave a speech to the US Congress today. I was honestly amazed at how President Calderón painted a bright picture of Mexico rising from the ashes. The Mexico that he proudly described is not one that myself or my husband presently live in.

I’d love to be a princess in President Calderón’s fanciful fairy tale. I’ll take a number and wait. If you know anything about lines and waiting in Mexico, you know that I’ll be sitting here a good long while. Perhaps a lifetime.

President Calderón’s speech to the US congress will eventually fade from my mind.

What memory will never fade for me?

The second grade girl in Silver Spring, Maryland who said yesterday to First Lady Michelle Obama, “”My mom … she says that Barack Obama is taking everybody away that doesn’t has (sic) papers.”

And when First Lady Michelle Obama tried to placate her, the little girl said, “But my Mom doesn’t have any papers.”

It’s amazing how one little 2nd grade girl can breathe down a country’s neck.

Sweet girl, your bravery moves me deeply. May you and your mother stay safe.


9 thoughts on “The Silver Springs Second Grader Who Made Me Cry

  1. From another one of my friends’ facebook page. Thought you would like it. …

    If a cop stops me in Arizona and says “papers” and I say “scissors” do I win?


  2. Unfortunately, I have little faith in the politicians anymore. Calderon’s address was a joke. Le gusta apantallar!

    God bless that little girl, who is MY HERO! I hope she becomes a community organizer in the future. We need more like her in the future. Only then would I say that I’m proud of my country!


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