The Perfect Martyr and the Complete Saint

You know, my husband is a person. Sounds obvious, but I feel like stating the obvious today.

For me, Picasso isn’t words on a page, or a photo on display during my show, The Deportee’s Wife. And he most certainly isn’t perfect.

He’s a good man who sometimes says the wrong thing. Like today.

What did he say? Listen, it really doesn’t matter. I’ll get over it. There are times when I say stupid things and he gets over it as well.

In any long-term relationship, stupid things are said.

What I’m trying to express here is that my marriage is sometimes as ordinary as a routine trip to the supermarket. Just like everybody else.

While the issue of immigration is a constant fly buzzing around us, we’re not always present to it 24/7. We don’t live in a perpetually heightened emotional state, due to what’s happening in the world of US immigration.

Sure, we get heated and engaged over the issues in our own ways. But many nights we zone out on our sofa and channel surf.

We have that “luxury.” We don’t live in Arizona. My husband’s already been deported.

Sometimes though, it just really sucks. This perception that my husband is a a perfect martyr for the cause, and that I’m a complete saint for joining him.

Regardless of what US government wants to call us, Pixasso and I are imperfect human beings.

On days like today, it would be cool to be treated as people, and not as front-page fodder for or against US immigration reform.


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