Michelle Obama’s Pointless Visit to Mexico City

Mrs. Obama, I’m a wife as well.

So while you are President Barack Obama’s wife, I get that you are your own individual.

But here’s my question: Not for nothing, but what the hell was the point of your visit to Mexico?

I mean, sure, you danced with some public school kids.

You said, “Sí se puede.”

You visited a university or two.

And you stayed within the confines of Mexico City. For those of you that don’t know, Mexico City is certainly not a microcosm of the rest of the country.

But I think what I liked best about your trip was this quote:

“Those of you who have a seat at the table must do your part to make room for others who don’t,” she said, holding up as an example of leaders who have risen up from humble means Benito Juarez, a celebrated 19th century Mexican president, and her own husband.

Really kids, I’m so tired of people who think that Mexico is just like the US.

In the spheres that I move in here, the sad fact is that 95% of the time, sheer grit and determination will not pull you out of your class ranking in this country.

In my opinion, after nine years of living here, Mexico’s economic class system is just as stifling as India’s caste system.

And Mrs. Obama, the dirty little secret here is that someone with your skin color, or someone with your husband’s skin color won’t be President of Mexico any time soon.

Sure, there are activists who are working their hearts out to change that paradigm here in this country. I consider myself an ally on this issue as well.

But you know what I get asked most by Mexicans when I say that I’m from New York?

1. Some type of 9-11 question.

2. Some type of, “Aren’t there a lot of scary black people in New York?” question.

Do I need to remind you of former President Fox’s racial comment gaffe in 2005?

I’m not talking 19th century. I’m talking the recent past. I’m talking today.

So thanks for coming and all that.

Your almost total silence about the drug wars told me everything that I needed to know.

And now I have to go and count up how many undocumented immigrants were deported back to Mexico during your visit.


6 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s Pointless Visit to Mexico City

  1. God, I love your blog! I tend to agree with 99.9% of what you say and don’t care about the other .1%. I’m so sorry your husband was a victim of horribly short-sighted policies. No, that’s not pity; I’m just sick of the crap going on here in the States. Oh, and I currently live in NM, but hail from the Northeast (PA/DE/NJ).


    1. TLD,

      I’m just going to love off the bat anyone who starts a comment to me saying, “God, I love your blog!” LOL And hey, the .1% where we don’t agree just keeps things interesting!

      Glad to see the Northeast and NM well-represented!



  2. I actually have students that went to the Ibero to hear her. It was considered a privilege; an honor. They arrived at 9:00, waited an hour to get in; waited five hours for Mrs. Obama to appear and then she spoke for 20-30 minutes and left. There was no question-answer session; no opportunity to interact. These students said that although yes, it was a privilege, it was a great disappointment. Why must we cater to US supremacy this way? These students are the ones that are listening to everything that is said and can make a difference. Why not hear what they have to say?


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