Friendship, Art, and Social Change

Hey Peeps.

So my good friend J is visiting from the States.

J was once a student in the study abroad program where I worked. I very rarely spoke to her the whole semester she studied here. I had quite the rep as the staff person who ignored/was NY direct towards students.

Ah, but that’s for another post!

Anyway, J returns to Mexico as an intern at the program. By that point, I’m no longer working there. We become friends.

J has deep theater roots.

In 2007, I start to perform a  a one-woman show called Unions of All Kinds. It was was the precursor to The Deportee’s Wife.

J, in her sweetly cheerful way, wants to help my show get better.

Along with another friend D, (also with fierce theater roots) they adopt me as their theater chrysalis.

They know that somewhere inside, the show’s a beautiful butterfly.

But at the beginning, I pretty much block their every attempt to make the show better and stronger.

However, they’re patient and relentless and don’t laugh in my face when I tell them that, “I don’t need a script, because I already know the story.”

Long story short, I now have a beautiful monarch butterfly of a show called The Deportee’s Wife.

J is sitting right in front of me as I write this.

Today I’m  grateful for our friendship. For her committment to me, my art, and social change.

Do you all know the TV program The Dog Whisperer?

Well, she was and continues to be The Show Whisperer.

And I’m one lucky cat:)


6 thoughts on “Friendship, Art, and Social Change

  1. And J is an even luckier cat!

    Thanks for letting me watch that beautiful monarch butterfly of a show find her wings and soar!!!


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