Ciudad Clusterfuck, aka Ciudad Juárez

I’m furious and devastated at the same time.


So there was a huge number of killings this weekend in Mexico. The highest numbers were in Acapulco, in the states of Guerrero, and Ciudad Juárez, in the state of Chihuahua. 3 people were killed with US Consulate connections. One of them was an employee there. Don’t know about it? Read here

But I’d be very surprised if you didn’t know by now. It’s been splashed all over the media.

Listen, the fact that those people were killed is tragic. Their children were in the car. The kids lived, but two were hit with bullets. The US consulate employee who died was pregnant.

But within my fright and my fear is my rage. All the US media can talk about are the safety of the Spring Breakers in Mexico. Here’s what it comes down to, kids:

The US Consulate in Ciudad Juárez is the only US Consulate in Mexico that issues immigrant visas. President Barack Obama made a statement. Nothing about about the visa immigrant issue. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a statement. Same thing- zip about the visa immigrant issue. And the whole connection of the narco wars to drug consumption in the US? Even less than nothing.

The fact is that there are US citizens who live in Ciudad Juárez and don’t work for the US Consulate. The US Consulate was closed yesterday, due to a Mexican holiday. They were apparently closed today, Tuesday, to mourn the killings. People had US immigrant visa appointments today. They’ve been waiting a long time for them. Are they going to be seen on Wednesday? Something tells me it won’t be that simple.

And I’m just going to say it: Do these 3 deaths count more? Because I feel that the US media plays it out that way. Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon is in Ciudad Juárez today. Supposedly sending a message to the narcos, and to the world.


Ciudad Clusterfuck indeed.


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