DREAMers and the Dream Act

Kids, today I want to write about the DREAMers and the DREAM Act. I feel that these brave peeps are the linchpin for comprehensive immigration reform in the U.S. Put simply, thousands of people are fighting for the following proposed legislation: (This is a copy/paste from the dreamactivist.org website)

The DREAM Act has four basic requirements which are:

  • You entered the country before the age of 16;
  • You graduate high school or obtain a GED;
  • You have good moral character (no criminal record); and
  • You have at least five years of continuous presence in the US.

If you meet the above criteria, once the DREAM Act passes, you will then have six years within which to obtain a two-year college degree or complete two-years of military service.  Upon doing all of this you will gain the chance to adjust your conditional permanent residency to U.S. citizenship.

I’ll be straight up with you; I didn’t know what the DREAM Act was for long time. And then when I did find out what it was, I still didn’t really get involved.

I thought that we each had separate fights for immigration reform. I was very wrong.

I met someone last year-you know who you are-who took the time to sit with me and explain what the DREAM Act was, and their opinion on it as a DREAMer themself.

These undocumented young people are out on the front lines. 2010 is the year to break it down civil-rights style, and they’re willing, ready, and doing it every day.

They’re risking their asses and speaking out. In these dangerous times for an undocumented person in the US, they’re making themselves very visible.

Now the DREAM Act isn’t a perfect piece of legislation. I’ve got my issues with it.

And as a US citizen whose been living outside of the US for the past nine years because of my husband’s deportation, I have issues sometimes with how some of the DREAMers talk about their country of birth.

But the passage of the DREAM Act would be a shot heard ’round the world. May it be heard this year. Please.

People, check out dreamactivist.org Donate, write letters, spread the word. This is something that you can do today.

Don’t get paralyzed in your privilege. Move though it. Act through it.


One thought on “DREAMers and the Dream Act

  1. Woot! Woot! Go DREAM Act. It’s great to come across your blog. Keep up the good work, and drop me a line if you’re interested in getting further involved at kyle at citizenorange dot com


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