Beyonce: The New Immigrant Rights Activist?

So yeah, I’m one of the Beyonce-obsesssed peeps. And I’m old enough to know better! lol

A question that I’m often asked is, “If you and your husband were legally married, and you’re a US citizen, didn’t that protect him?”

There’s a general assumption in the US, that if an immigrant marries a US citizen, then they’re automatically placed on the legal path towards residency, and then citizenship. Nothing could be further from the truth. My story and thousands of others prove it.

And while this general view is ignorant, it’s also very heterosexist.  So many LGBT peeps don’t have this heterosexual luxury, i.e., the assumption that marrying a US citizen guarantees you certain residency rights.

Nevertheless, this brings me back to, “If you want it, then you shoulda put a ring on it,” And my idea for Beyonce’s public service announcement!

So here’s what I visualize: Beyonce is dancing while singing “All the Single Ladies.” When she says the line, “If you want it, then you shoulda put a ring it,” she stops dead. The other dancers stare at her, confused.

Beyonce: “Hold up, everyone, everyone, hold up. This is what I want to say: I know that most of you sing along to the lyrics of my song “All the Single Ladies,” but there’s another reality going on.

If you’re an undocumented immigrant in the United States, and you do put a ring on a US citizen’s finger, you aren’t guaranteed anything at all. US Citizenship and Immigration Services doesn’t give a hot damn.

Too many of us women live like single ladies in the US, because our partners were deported to their country of origin, due to a draconian immigration system that separates families and forces women and children to choose between love and country.

So what I’m asking today is for you to find out the facts, and get involved. Change the immigration laws in the US so that we have a comprehensive immigration reform that is just and humane.”

Beyonce winks at the camera.  “Let’s give everyone a socially just  shot on our country’s dance floor.”

The singing and dancing starts up again. Slow fade out.

White letters on a black screen, voiceover:

Want to get involved? Find out more at

Hey, a girl can dream, right?:)


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